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Arresting Speech

The thing which is most deserving of imprisonment is the tongue.
[Statement of ‘Abdullah ibn Mas’ood radhi’allaahu ‘anhu]

Speech is one of the clearest indications of what a person thinks or feels – it is an account from the person himself.  This statement of ‘Abdullah ibn Mas’ood radhi’allaahu ‘anhu reflects the fact that Islam focuses on building the character of an individual as part of the religion itself.  One of the qualities which paints an individual as reckless and mindless is too much talking.

Not only does it display a person’s lack of wisdom and intelligence (when it is needless), but also can lead to many problems due to a lack of caution.  On the other hand, a wise person will be a person of few words which are carefully chosen and reflected upon.  Furthermore when a reserved person speaks, his/her speech is given more import due to the fact that the person does not saturate the conversation with a lot of throw-away ideas and rambles.  Another proverb is the saying: “An empty vessel sounds much.”


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