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Aziza Mustafa Zadeh – also known as The Princess of Jazz, or Die Prinzessin des Jazz or as Jazziza, was born (December 19, 1969; Baku) to musical parents Vagif and Eliza Mustafa Zadeh. Vagif was a pianist and composer, famous for creating mugam-jazz fusion in which his daughter now plays. Eliza is a classically trained singer and Georgia native.

They first noticed their daughter’s sensitivity to music when she was eight months old. As Aziza recalls the story her mother tells: “Once, my father was improvising at the piano playing in the mugam mode known as “Shur,” which creates a mood that evokes very deep, sad emotions. As my father was playing, I started to cry. Everyone wondered what was happening to me. Why was I crying? And then mother realized the correlation between my feelings and the music. ‘Vagif, please,’ she told my father, ‘change the scale. Go to Rast. Play Rast.’ And he did. Now ‘Rast’ is characterized by its joyfulness and optimism. And sure enough, with tears still running down my cheeks, I started to make dance-like movements. And Mom pointed out, ‘Look, look what she’s doing! Change back to Shur!’ And when he did, I started crying again louder than before. At least, that’s what they tell me. Back to Rast, and I began dancing again.”


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